Seasons End

by Marillion

Seasons End

Seasons End is the fifth studio album by British neo-progressive rock band Marillion, released in 1989. The album was the first to feature current lead vocalist Steve Hogarth, following the departure of former vocalist Fish in late 1988. It reached number 7 on the UK Albums Chart.


  1. 2023 Remix
  2. The King Of Sunset Town
  3. Easter
  4. The Uninvited Guest
  5. Seasons End
  6. Holloway Girl
  7. Berlin
  8. After Me
  9. Hooks In You
  10. The Space…
  11. Live At The De Montfort Hall 29th May 2022
  12. The King Of Sunset Town
  13. Easter
  14. The Uninvited Guest
  15. Seasons End
  16. Holloway Girl
  17. Berlin
  18. After Me
  19. The Release
  20. Hooks In You
  21. The Space…
  22. Gaza
  23. The Leavers

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Format Vinyl 2× LP Album Reissue (2023 Remix), Vinyl 3× LP, All Media Deluxe Edition Limited Edition
Label Parlophone
Catalog Number 5054197381768
Notes First 4000 orders across all formats at Marillion’s online store include a hand signed A4 artwork print.
Discogs URL Marillion - Seasons End