by Fleetwood Mac

Original Release Date: 1977-02-04


Rumours is the eleventh studio album by British-American rock band Fleetwood Mac, released on 4 February 1977 by Warner Bros. Records. Largely recorded in California in 1976, it was produced by the band with Ken Caillat and Richard Dashut. The recording sessions took place in the aftermath of several relationship breakups among its members in addition to heavy drug use, both of which shaped the album’s direction and lyrics. Recorded with the intention of making “a pop album” that would expand on the commercial success of their self-titled 1975 album, the music of Rumours is characterized by a mix of electric and acoustic instrumentation, accented rhythms, guitars, and keyboards, while its lyrics concern personal and often troubled relationships. Its release was postponed by delays in the mixing process. Following the album’s release, Fleetwood Mac undertook worldwide concert tours. Rumours became the band’s first number-one album on the UK Albums Chart and also topped the US Billboard 200. The songs “Go Your Own Way”, “Dreams”, “Don’t Stop”, and “You Make Loving Fun” were released as singles, all of which reached the US top 10, with “Dreams” reaching number one. Rumours was an instant commercial success, selling over 10 million copies worldwide within just a month of its release. It garnered widespread acclaim from critics, with praise centred on its production quality and vocal harmonies, which frequently relied on the interplay among the band’s three vocalists, and has inspired the work of musical acts in different genres. It won Album of the Year at the 1978 Grammy Awards and received Diamond certifications in several countries, including the UK, Canada, Australia, and the US, where it was certified 20× Platinum. As of February 2023, Rumours has sold over 40 million copies worldwide, making it the sixth best-selling album of the 1970s, and the 12th best-selling album of all time.Often considered Fleetwood Mac’s magnum opus, Rumours has frequently been cited as one of the greatest albums of all time. In 2003, it was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. In 2004, Rumours was remastered and reissued with the addition of “Silver Springs”, which had been excluded from the original release, and a bonus CD of outtakes from the recording sessions. In 2017, it was selected for preservation in the National Recording Registry, being deemed “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” by the Library of Congress. In 2020, Rumours was rated the seventh-greatest album of all time in Rolling Stone’s list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”.


  1. Original Album - 2013 Remaster
  2. Second Hand News (2:43)
  3. Dreams (4:14)
  4. Never Going Back Again (2:02)
  5. Don’t Stop (3:11)
  6. Go Your Own Way (3:38)
  7. Songbird (3:20)
  8. The Chain (4:28)
  9. You Make Loving Fun (3:31)
  10. I Don’t Want To Know (3:11)
  11. Oh Daddy (3:54)
  12. Gold Dust Woman (4:51)
  13. Silver Springs (4:33)
  14. Live, 1977 “Rumours World Tour” (Previously Unreleased)
  15. Intro (0:48)
  16. Monday Morning (2:38)
  17. Dreams (4:07)
  18. Don’t Stop (3:51)
  19. The Chain (5:40)
  20. Oh Daddy (4:47)
  21. Rhiannon (7:55)
  22. Never Going Back Again (2:19)
  23. Gold Dust Woman (7:03)
  24. World Turning (7:31)
  25. Go Your Own Way (4:54)
  26. Songbird (4:00)
  27. The Rosebud Film Documentary
  28. World Turning
  29. Rhiannon
  30. Say You Love Me
  31. Go Your Own Way
  32. You Make Loving Fun
  33. I’m So Afraid
  34. More From The Recording Sessions (Previously Unreleased)
  35. Second Hand News (Early Take) (2:26)
  36. Dreams (Take 2) (5:35)
  37. Never Going Back Again (Acoustic Duet) (2:19)
  38. Go Your Own Way (Early Take) (4:04)
  39. Songbird (Demo) (4:33)
  40. Songbird (Instrumental Take 10) (4:23)
  41. I Don’t Want To Know (Early Take) (3:42)
  42. Keep Me There (Instrumental) (5:14)
  43. The Chain (Demo) (5:29)
  44. Keep Me There (With Vocal) (4:18)
  45. Gold Dust Woman (Early Take) (5:25)
  46. Oh Daddy (Early Take) (3:48)
  47. Silver Springs (Early Take) (5:31)
  48. Planets Of The Universe (Demo) (4:27)
  49. Doesn’t Anything Last (Acoustic Duet) (1:03)
  50. Never Going Back Again (Instrumental) (2:36)
  51. Recording Sessions, Roughs And Outtakes
  52. Second Hand News (2:55)
  53. Dreams (4:32)
  54. Brushes (Never Going Back Again) (2:52)
  55. Don’t Stop (3:33)
  56. Go Your Own Way (3:16)
  57. Songbird (3:11)
  58. Silver Springs (6:08)
  59. You Make Loving Fun (4:55)
  60. Gold Dust Woman #1 (5:02)
  61. Oh Daddy (4:03)
  62. Think About It (3:01)
  63. Early Demos
  64. Never Going Back Again (1:55)
  65. Planets Of The Universe (3:30)
  66. Butter Cookie (Keep Me There) (2:47)
  67. Gold Dust Woman (5:00)
  68. Doesn’t Anything Last (1:06)
  69. Jam Sessions
  70. Mic The Screecher (0:53)
  71. For Duster (The Blues) (4:47)
  72. Original Album - 2013 Remaster
  73. Second Hand News (2:42)
  74. Dreams (4:15)
  75. Never Going Back Again (2:02)
  76. Don’t Stop (3:10)
  77. Go Your Own Way (3:40)
  78. Songbird (3:18)
  79. The Chain (4:27)
  80. You Make Loving Fun (3:33)
  81. I Don’t Want To Know (3:13)
  82. Oh Daddy (3:54)
  83. Gold Dust Woman (5:13)

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Notes Deluxe edition of ‘Rumours’, contains: Disc 1: CD - Original album, remastered, Disc 2: CD - Live, 1977, Disc 3: DVD - The Rosebud Film Documentary, Disc 4: CD - More from the Recording Sessions, Disc 5: CD - Recording Sessions, Roughs and Outtakes, Disc 6: 180g Vinyl LP - original album, remastered, Soft-back 12"x12" book, containing pictures and notes on Rumours, written by various members of the band, Peel-off 12"x12" backing paper containing track listing. All housed in a 12"x12", solid, card sleeve. *Previously released as R2-73882 Disc 1: Recorded at Record Plant, Sausalito & Los Angeles, CA; Wally Heider Recording Studios, Los Angeles, CA; Criteria Studios, Miami, FL; Davlen Recording Studio, North Hollywood, CA * “Songbird” Recorded at Zellerbach Auditorium/U.C. Berkeley, Berkeley, CA (3/3/76) Mixed at Sound City, Van Nuys, California; Record Plant, Los Angeles, California Disc 2: Live tracks recorded during the 1977 “Rumours” Tour In Oklahoma City, OK; Tulsa, OK; Nashville, TN & Columbia, SC Disc 3: 1977 documentary film created to promote the European leg of the “Rumours” tour. Includes behind-the-scenes interviews, rehearsal footage and live performances. This Reissue ℗ & © 2013 Warner Bros. Records Inc. for the U.S. and WEA International Inc. for the world outside the U.S.
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