by Amplifier



  1. Teen Vogue
  2. Outsider
  3. Flame
  4. Strange Seas Of Thought (Wistful Version)
  5. Fluttering Bird
  6. Red Feather
  7. Insider (Undersea Lounge Version)
  8. Mosaic
  9. Time Travel
  10. Crush
  11. Sleepers
  12. Beyond The Valley
  13. Fake Fur Coat
  14. O Fortuna (Space Lounge Version)
  15. Jets For Brazil
  16. Gustav’s Departure (Spirit & Mind Version)

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Key Value
Format Vinyl 2× LP Compilation Reissue Remastered Test Pressing
Label Rockosmos
Catalog Number ROK221
Notes Funded via a Bandcamp Vinyl Pressing campaign.
Discogs URL Amplifier - Residue