It Takes A Nation Of Tossers

by Pitman

It Takes A Nation Of Tossers


  1. Spade Side
  2. Countdown To Pitworld
  3. What I Am
  4. Waiting
  5. When Miners Attack
  6. Latin Bingo
  7. Words
  8. Biscuit Side
  9. Sugar In Ya Peas
  10. The Pitman And Her
  11. Mr. Pitiful
  12. Soot FM
  13. Mam Sed
  14. What’s The Point?

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Format Vinyl LP Album
Label Son Records
Catalog Number SON 026
Notes Track B6 recorded live on the Steve Lamacq Show Radio One - 2002 Sleeve notes: Pitman Sez - Welcome to my world. You’ll either love it or hate it. Either Way. You’re edging closer towards smelling the tea or smelling my nuts when you kiss ya mam. Peace Please note that if any of the general public feel the need to replicate Pitman’s look either seriously or in a fancy dress style. Pitman requests that you use British Coal in all circumstances.
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