by Ride


Interplay is the seventh studio album by English rock band Ride, released on 29 March 2024 through Wichita Recordings. It was written and recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic, and produced by the band and Richie Kennedy. The album received positive reviews from critics.


  1. Peace Sign
  2. Last Frontier
  3. Light In A Quiet Room
  4. Monaco
  5. I Came To See The Wreck
  6. Stay Free
  7. Last Night I Went Somewhere To Dream
  8. Sunrise Chaser
  9. Midnight Rider
  10. Portland Rocks
  11. Essaouira
  12. Yesterday Is Just A Song

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Format Vinyl 2× LP Album Limited Edition (Blue)
Label Wichita
Catalog Number WEBB630LPC
Discogs URL Ride - Interplay