Furnace Room Lullaby

by Neko Case & Her Boyfriends

Furnace Room Lullaby

Furnace Room Lullaby is the second studio album by Neko Case and Her Boyfriends, released in February 2000, on Mint Records. Said Case of the title track at a performance at Austin City Limits in 2003, “I wanted to write a murder ballad, simply because I was such a huge fan of the Louvin Brothers. Not that this song is anywhere as good as a Louvin Brothers song, but I tried.” Guest musicians on the album include Scott Betts, Brian Connelly, Bob Egan, Dallas Good and Travis Good, Kelly Hogan, Evan Johns, Kevin Kane, Don Kerr, Linda McRae, Darryl Neudorf, Carl Newman, Ford Pier, John Ramberg, Henri Sangalang, Ron Sexsmith and Joel Trueblood. The title track was included on the soundtrack to Sam Raimi’s film The Gift.


  1. Set Out Running
  2. Guided By Wire
  3. Porchlight
  4. Mood To Burn Bridges
  5. No Need To Cry
  6. Twist The Knife
  7. Thrice All American
  8. We’ve Never Met
  9. Whip The Blankets
  10. South Tacoma Way
  11. Bought And Sold
  12. Furnace Room Lullaby


Set Out Running

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Wikipedia URL https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Furnace_Room_Lullaby
Format Vinyl LP Album Limited Edition Reissue (Clear w/ Red, Gatefold)
Label Anti-
Catalog Number #86915-1
Notes Download card included. “#86915-1” is on the spine “99976-1” is on the sticker that states that the download card is included “86915-1CRM (Clear/Red)” is on the bar code sticker Copyright is 2015 but the lp was reissued on March 4th, 2016.
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