by The Black Crowes

Original Release Date: 2010-08-03


Rather than issue a “Greatest Hits” collection to sum up their past twenty years, the Black Crowes decided to eyeball their catalog and reinvent their favorite tunes with acoustic arrangements. It’s an obvious move for a band that has always held onto their rock and pre-rock roots. Their Southern charm, where they’ve taken back roots music from their British rock heroes (the Rolling Stones, the Faces), has never let them down as long as singer Chris Robinson can knowingly leer into the lyrics. Acoustic or not, the funk is still there for the sweaty workouts of “Remedy”, “Jealous Again” and “Downtown Money Waster”, while an elegiac mood carries “She Talks to Angels”, “Ballad In Urgency” and Gram Parsons’ “She”. The electric organ provides the extra boost to help these acoustic guitar-wielding rockers over the classic rock mountain. Bonus tracks, “Boomer’s Story” and Little Feat’s “Willin’” are welcomed additions to what is fast becoming an impeccable catalog of tunes. Their 2008 comeback Warpaint reinvigorated the band and Before the Frost/ Until the Freeze solidified their place as one of America’s finest rock ‘n’ roll bands.


  1. Jealous Again
  2. Share The Ride
  3. Remedy
  4. Non-Fiction
  5. Hotel Illness
  6. Soul Singing
  7. Ballad In Urgency
  8. Wiser Time
  9. Cold Boy Smile
  10. Under A Mountain
  11. She Talks To Angels
  12. Morning Song
  13. Downtown Money Waster
  14. Good Friday
  15. Thorn In My Pride
  16. Welcome To The Good Times
  17. Girl From A Pawnshop
  18. Sister Luck
  19. She
  20. Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye

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Wiser Time

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Format Vinyl 3× LP Album Limited Edition Reissue Stereo (10th Anniversary, Gold + Black)
Label Silver Arrow
Catalog Number SAR 03 LP
Notes Hype Sticker: “10th Anniversary Edition Gold Vinyl” Gatefold pop-up sleeve. Download card included, but url on it redirects to a page that “requires the Adobe Flash Player,” which is no longer active. ℗ & © 2010 Silver Arrow Records, Inc. Silver Arrow cat# derived from runouts (no cat#s printed anywhere else on release)
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