by The Soundtrack Of Our Lives


Communion is the fifth studio album by the Swedish band The Soundtrack of Our Lives. The album is the band’s longest to date at twenty-four tracks. After the decision was made to postpone the Origin Vol. 2 project, the band wrote entirely new material and recorded it, which became Communion.


  1. Babel On
  2. Universal Stalker
  3. The Ego Delusion
  4. Pineal Gland Hotel
  5. Ra 88
  6. Second Life Replay
  7. Thrill Me
  8. Fly
  9. Pictures Of Youth
  10. Mensa’s Marauders
  11. Just A Brother
  12. Distorted Child
  13. Everything Beautiful Must Die
  14. The Fan Who Wasn’t There
  15. Flipside
  16. Lost Prophets In Vain
  17. Songs Of The Ocean
  18. Digitarian Riverbank
  19. Reconnecting The Dots
  20. Without Warning
  21. Utopia
  22. Saturation Wanderers
  23. Lifeline
  24. The Passover

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Format Vinyl 2× LP Album
Label Haldern Pop Recordings
Catalog Number HPR-032
Notes Two printed inner sleeves (photos)
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