Central Reservation

by Beth Orton

Original Release Date: 1999-01-28

Central Reservation

Orton’s second album forsakes the trip-hop of her debut for more robust textures. The devil’s on their trail: Opener “Stolen Car” has a nervy energy and a beautifully orchestrated droning undertow, and sets up a road trip through the American south (by way of Orton’s native Norwich). There’s sweet countrypolitan in “Sweetest Decline” and “Pass in Time”, but the best bits ooze with darkness: the desert hum of “So Much More,” the ominous twang in “Devil Song,” and on the one-take “Feel to Believe,” a furious vocal performance that breaches the limits of the microphone.


  1. Stolen Car
  2. Sweetest Decline
  3. Couldn’t Cause Me Harm
  4. So Much More
  5. Pass In Time
  6. Central Reservation
  7. Stars All Seem To Weep
  8. Love Like Laughter
  9. Blood Red River
  10. Devil Song
  11. Feel To Believe
  12. Central Reservation (The Then Again Version)

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Beth Orton - Central Reservation - 07 - Stars All Seem To Weep

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Wikipedia URL https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_Reservation_(album)
Format Vinyl 2× LP Album Record Store Day Limited Edition Reissue (Red [Pillar Box])
Label Sony Music
Catalog Number 19439 95678 1
Notes Released for Record Store Day 2022 on Pillar Box Red Vinyl
Discogs URL Beth Orton - Central Reservation