Bird Machine

by Sparklehorse

Bird Machine

Bird Machine is the posthumous fifth studio album from American indie rock band Sparklehorse, released on September 8, 2023 by Anti-. The album has received positive reviews from critics.


  1. It Will Never Stop
  2. Kind Ghosts
  3. Evening Star Super Charger
  4. O Child
  5. Falling Down
  6. I Fucked It Up
  7. Hello Lord
  8. Daddy’s Gone
  9. Chaos Of The Universe
  10. Listening To The Higsons
  11. Everybody’s Gone To Sleep
  12. The Scull Of Lucia
  13. Blue
  14. Stay

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Sparklehorse - It Will Never Stop

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Key Value
Wikipedia URL
Format Vinyl LP Album Limited Edition (Yellow & Black Opaque )
Label Anti-
Catalog Number 87081-1YAB
Notes Yellow and Black Opaque Vinyl Rough Trade Exclusive Limited to 500 copies US release 9th September 2023, UK release 29th September 2023.
Discogs URL Sparklehorse - Bird Machine