Before The Grey Lantern

by Mansun

Before The Grey Lantern


  1. Take It Easy Chicken
  2. Flourella
  3. The Greatest Pain
  4. The Edge
  5. Rebel Without A Quilt
  6. No One Knows Us
  7. The Holy Blood And The Holy Grail
  8. Skin Up Pin Up
  9. Ski Jump Nose
  10. Things Keep Falling Off Buildings
  11. Lemonade Secret Drinker
  12. Drastic Sturgeon
  13. Moronica
  14. The Most To Gain

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Release Information

Key Value
Format Vinyl LP Record Store Day Compilation
Label Kscope
Catalog Number KSCOPE1201
Notes Record Store Day 2023 A collection of Singes & B-Sides Made in Germany Track A1: 1995 Original Self-Released Version Track A5: 2018 Remaster
Discogs URL Mansun - Before The Grey Lantern