Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump

by De La Soul

Original Release Date: 2000-08-08

Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump

The four years De La Soul took off between Stakes Is High and 2000’s Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump featured more than one tectonic shift in rap’s sound and vision—Puff Daddy’s shiny suits, No Limit and Cash Money Records’ explosive bass, multi-platinum JAY-Z and Outkast albums, and a shadow economy of the indie rap De La paved the way for. They returned once again as square pegs, this time sailing a lush funk ship, mostly self-produced and anchored with soulful choruses—including one from Chaka Khan. With beats that have the rickety quality of contemporaries like J Dilla and Madlib (who each provide one—“Thru Ya City” and “My Writes”, respectively), De La proved they have one of rap’s best long games: “While you fools claim corners, we gon’ claim theories/Y’all some stickball n****s, we the World Series,” raps Trugoy the Dove on “Foolin’”.


  1. / Say R.
  2. U Can Do (Life)
  3. My Writes
  4. Oooh / Ghost Weed Skit 01
  5. Thru Ya City
  6. I.C. Y’All
  7. View
  8. Set The Mood / Ghost Weed Skit 02
  9. All Good?
  10. Declaration
  11. Squat!
  12. Words From The Chief Rocker
  13. With Me / Ghost Weed Skit 03
  14. Copa (Cabanga)
  15. Foolin'
  16. The Art Of Getting Jumped
  17. U Don’t Wanna B.D.S

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De La Soul - Declaration ( Art Official Intelligence )

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