by Thundercat


Apocalypse is the second studio album by American musician Thundercat. It was released in July 2013 under the label Brainfeeder. In February 2014, Thundercat released a double video on the MySpace website for the 10th and 11th tracks from the album, respectively titled “Evangelion” and “We’ll Die”, which were both directed by the photographer B+ (Brian Cross), who also shot the album art.


  1. Tenfold
  2. Heartbreaks + Setbacks
  3. The Life Aquatic
  4. Special Stage
  5. Tron Song
  6. Seven
  7. Oh Sheit It’s X
  8. Without You
  9. Lotus And The Jondy
  10. Evangelion
  11. We’ll Die
  12. Before I Loved Myself “I” Pooped My Ankles (True)
  13. Paris
  14. A Message For Austin / Praise The Lord / Enter The Void

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We’ll Die

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Key Value
Wikipedia URL https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apocalypse_(Thundercat_album)
Format Vinyl LP Album Limited Edition Reissue (Translucent Red, 10th Anniversary)
Label Brainfeeder
Catalog Number BF040X
Discogs URL Thundercat - Apocalypse