by ALT


Altitude was the only studio album to date released by ALT, the grouping of Tim Finn, Andy White & Liam O’Moanlai. Also released was a live recording simply called Bootleg.


  1. Side One
  2. We’re All Men
  3. Penelope Tree
  4. When The Winter Comes
  5. Favourite Girl
  6. Swim
  7. Side Two
  8. The Refuge Tree
  9. What You’ve Done
  10. Second Swim
  11. Girlfriend Guru
  12. Mandala
  13. Side Three
  14. I Decided To Fly
  15. The Day You Were Born
  16. Halfway Round The World
  17. Many’s The Time
  18. Side Four
  19. The Future Is Broken
  20. Girlfriend Guru ( alt version)
  21. Mandala (alt version)
  22. The Glad Eyed Maid

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Alt - Favourite Girl

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Wikipedia URL
Format Vinyl 2× LP Album Deluxe Edition Reissue Remastered Stereo
Label Needle Mythology
Catalog Number NEMYLP010
Discogs URL ALT - Altitude